Olivia ~ 10 Months

Double digit months, what?! Our little pumpkin is TEN months old, this is crazy. 

Oh and she has been a little busy body, let me tell you!! Gone are the days of most snuggles because folks she can crawl and she cannot be told no. Alright well she can be told no she just doesn't pay attention to that. HA! So she learned how to crawl a few weeks ago, so she's been getting into and on everything. Because she is also a pro at pulling herself up onto things she is in everything, and I mean everything. Just yesterday I was trying to make a few bill payments and get organized and where do I find this monkey....IN THE TOILET...yes in the toilet!!!!! She's playing and splashing around like it's a grand ole time and I am just like wow and that's totally disgusting and we have to wash her hands and arms which you know of course she gets mad at me for. Oh well, life of a mother huh? 

Like I said getting into and on everything,  trying to climb stairs at my dads then gets upset when she thinks she stuck on the second step. Oh and totally fascinated by the dog food and water bowls so thats a daily struggle letting her have some freedom while also keeping her from the dog food. Me and Nick like to watch our show and eat dinner and we use the ottoman and sometimes she's not in bed when we eat so she stands up with the ottoman and has repeatedly grapped Nicks food and tried to get his drinks. So far she has knocked my water down three times and a cup of cold old coffee down. So we shall see what's next. 

Olivia I have no doubt that she will be walking in just a few months, she's got a really good balance she's tested a few times. she pulls herself up like a pro, her leg muscles just seem really strong, and she has no problem walking around the ottoman to get to the food and drinks we have moved away from her. LOL!

This girl still only weighs about 15 pounds so we are working on beefing her up, so she has started eating yogurt and seems like some days she is eating around the clock. She tried blackbeans the other night and she really likes those! I am waiting on our homemade yogurt to chill in the fridge and then she will be trying that today with some pureed blueberries and strawberries and we are super excited!! (Update, she loves the yogurt and its so healthy!) She is loving whole blueberries too!

We made a trip to Ohio in July and Olivia did a really good job in the car, we had to get her out to stretch and change her diaper a couple times. Oh and don't let me forget, she pooped through her diaper and through her brand new burts bess pj's I had just gotten her before we left on the way up there. Then while we were headed up to Columbus from where the wedding was she pooped again, but MUCH worse. She had on all white shorts we had just gotten her from Old Navy and exploded her diaper down her leg and into her toes and carseat. So that was fun cleaning up in the Bob Evans parking lot with some "I've been there smiles" and "ew what" faces going by. So that was fun. 

She also still really likes unloading my cart that has the breastpump and bottles and burp clothes on it, and I've learned to just let her make the mess and play in it as long as its safe and then when she sleeps I clean and I feel better. HA

Olivia is getting back on track with regular nap times (going to Ohio messed that up a bit) so hopefully she will be back on track with LONG naps here soon. I just have to decide not to take a nap with her because somedays I am so tired! We are still getting up to nurse during the night, so that's probably why I am so tired. 

Me and Nick went out for our anniversary on Saturday and we had extra time before our movie so we stopped into Old Navy, and found some good deals for Olivia, so many cute baby clothes! We got her a pair of little brown moccasins, still a little big because she's so small but I think it will be good for her to get used to the feeling of wearing them. I am excited and also a little nervous for her to be walking, but mostly excited to see her accomplish something so big! Olivia still fits in 6 months clothes and we are just now trying 9 months, and I just realized a little bit ago she has like 2 -9 month sleepers so we will be on the look out for some sleepers very soon!! 

Enjoying some of the fun images we have taken in the last week or so in honor of her turning 10 MONTHS! 




Our little family shoot in Ohio!

Me, Nick and Olivia made a trip to Ohio for Nick's cousins wedding a couple weekends ago and we had a great time! Nick's mom decided that since we would all be together that we should do family portraits and we did! WE had to juggle around some pretty gross weather but we did it, and we literally finished in time and went inside a restaurant and it started to pour so we got pretty lucky! 

I shot everyone and for the whole family shot we struggled a bit (because my tripod is in storage) but we made a suitable stand in for the tripod and I was able to use my canon remote for my camera, so love that! haha 

These pictures include the 3 of us of course, my brother and sister-in-law and their 3 boys, my mother and father-in-law and my other brother-in-law! You will see how cute we all are, or you know the kids!! 

Coordinating outfits was a bit of a challenge for everyone and when I picked Nicks shirt out for him he was like 'no that's not happening' but I won! HA 

So enjoy this adorable family portraits we were able to squeeze into our busy stormy weekend in Ohio! 

These were taken in old Canal Winchester because it's adorable! 



Guys, Did you know?!

Did you know that I crochet?! And I love it! It's my old lady obsession along with any kind of comfy clothes. Ha! My great grandma (GG) actually taught me how to crochet several years ago and from there I got hooked (HAHA) and have learned to read patterns and have made so many different fun things! Right now I am working on SOO much, I have finished 3 stuffed dinosaurs, working on an egg apron for my sister and made her a pineapple purse, a stuffed shark for my other sister, working on a massive watermelon blanket just for fun so that's taking the longest, and then I am making a dinosaur rug..yeah. So if you ever look up crochet patterns on Pinterest or Etsy you will see why it's so exciting getting to try these new patterns and fun things! 

I also know how to knit ( that was something I took up in the last year or so and I really did it because I wanted to make bonnets for newborn shoots) but also really enjoy it as well. The big difference is two needles versus one and that fact that I really have to use both my hands fully where when I crochet one hand holds yarn and the work and the other the needle, knitting is  everything in both hands. 

I sew some basic things, like rice packs, and fix things for my family, I've made newborn stretchy pants for shoots, and last week I even made an attempt to make a maxi skirt and I have to say it went pretty well! But the fabric is a little too see through on it's own so I'll have to decided what to do about that. But definitely something I enjoyed doing and something fun for myself! I am really thinking about attempting to make a maternity gown for shoots, I think that would be so fun and exciting to see two things I create in one!

I also really like making pacifier clips and teethers with the silicone balls, I've made Olivia quite a few and she loves chewing on them all! Also really awesome gifts to give to the new members of our family! 

I have ventured off creating and making all kinds of things, I've made baby headbands, I refinished  an antique highchair that I found on the side of the road for free and it was seriously the most awesome thing!! (If you saw Olivia's 9 month portraits/blog then you saw the highchair)! Another one of my most favorite creations was a simple wood box that Nick helped make the box and then I decorated the inside, and I probably like it SO much because it's all fall stuff and I just have this LOVE LOVE relationship with all things fall. haha!

Here's a few pictures of my recent projects and I'll dig some up of my older ones!! So fun!! 






 Made the hat and moccasins for our little pumpkin!

Made the hat and moccasins for our little pumpkin!

 Cute little turkey hat for Olivia's first Thanksgiving!

Cute little turkey hat for Olivia's first Thanksgiving!

 Pencil scarf, great for teacher gifts!

Pencil scarf, great for teacher gifts!

 This is the fall box I was talking about!!

This is the fall box I was talking about!!

Olivia ~ 9 Months

I cannot express how happy I am to be this little girls mom! She fills me with so much joy and love, I just had no idea it was possible to love a little human this much!

I catch myself staring at her when she is asleep and I am just amazed time and time again at how beautiful and smart and loving she is. I will never get tired of seeing her accomplish her goals and learn each and every day. 

I seriously can't believe that she has been out of my belly for 9 months already, it just feels so unreal. I mean my pregnancy with her went by fast and now she's been out as long as she was in! 

Since I have been able to stay home with her it has been the biggest blessing getting to continue nursing her and making her fresh baby food, to getting her after nap time snuggles and making her giggle, it is seriously the best job in the entire world. 

Olivia is so close to crawling, and I am terrified hahaha! She's been sitting up for a while now but just a week ago she figured out how to sit herself up from laying down, at first she started on her belly and pulled her legs up and then walked her hands backwards until she was sitting up by herself. And now she can get up from laying on her side and all kinds of crazy ways. She also LOVES pulling herself up on things and seeing what is up there she can grab! A couple weeks ago she pulled my laptop off the ottoman- she wasn't touched at all somehow and the computer is fine! So we are constantly already on our toes trying to watch what she is doing and we KNOW that when she is QUIET it's not so good and she is really concentrating on something mischievous. Needless to say we are a little nervous for her to be REALLY mobile! 


This girl will try any food and every food, for the most part she loves everything the first time and if not we try again a little later and she has came around. When we go out to eat and I didn't plan for it (which somehow every time we eat out, it's random) we order a side of avocados and I mash them up for her and it's literally the best, healthiest way to feed her when we are out. When I do plan I get her a frozen pouch of food and it stays cold til we are ready for it and she loves it anywhere, sometimes in her car seat when we are on the go! 

A couple weeks ago I mixed up some fresh strawberries (from my dads garden) and some breast milk and made her some yummy popsicles! She demolished it the first time she had one.

She is still loving pulling all her toys from her bins, and now her new favorite is to pull down the wipes I have in a pile (Sams club has their brand wipes on sale until the 15th and we LOVE them so I got some to stock up). She is still wearing her 6 month clothes, I even got her an old navy 4th of July onesie that was 3-6 and it's big on her...lol you will see. So she is still like 14-15 pounds, our little pumpkin! 

I am not going to lie I have started thinking about her birthday, decorations mostly haha! I know I want to crochet a bunch of fun things to decorate with because I can and because it's cute. Also we may have family coming into town for her birthday so we want to give them enough time to plan! 

Olivia's mimi just got her a mini crib and we love it!! It fits in our space perfectly and she loves it! She just gets stuck on occasion, which I assume is normal...haha 

Nick was gone for about a week working in Virginia and it was weird the day he left things just go wrong (like the deployment curse) so Olivia decided to pee on the changing table two times and then she peed on me right after we got out of the bath. And she was just extra fussy for naps and going to bed at night so I was really happy to have Nick come back yesterday! 

Also I accidentally dropped my jar of almond milk that I made and it shattered milk and glass all over the counter (monday), then when I went to put Olivia into the car on one of our errands the diaper bag broke and I can't fix it (monday), and the big finish on MONDAY was that after picking up groceries we were in our first car accident...

We were headed home like 2 minutes after picking up the groceries, sitting at a red light and we were rear ended by some that was rear ended by someone who didn't feel like paying attention to the road and decided not to use his brakes that day! So me and my sister and Olivia were in my car and thankfully the utility van that hit us had tried to turn and get into the median and only hit the driver side bumper of my car. My sister and Olivia went across the street with this sweet woman and were able to get into air conditioning and EMS checked them out and tested our car seat while we waited for highway patrol to come do his thing. So that was all interesting but really am glad that van was between us and the car that cause the accident because it could have been so much worse for us. And the van barely had a scratch on it and the car that cause it was clearly totaled. Just glad that's over and no one was hurt. Literally my family has had 3 accidents in the last 2.5 weeks, so just say a quick prayer over us that we can keep ourselves out of these scary situations!

I have been packing up Olivia's newborn items that she doesn't/can't use anymore, I'm a little sad but also happy to give her more room to play with her big girl toys like she's doing now. She gets herself into all kinds of painful situations after she dumps all the toys out so there's a lot of rescuing going on and I often have to get on the floor and throw all the toys back in the baskets to let her start over and keep her busy for a bit. LOL! 


We have officially installed her big girl car seat into my car and my arm thanks me! For real carrying her and the infant car seat was beginning to hurt even though she doesn't weigh that much it was work. And we just keep the stroller in the trunk and of course she can sit up which is really helpful. 

Olivia is so wild sometimes, she's decided her favorite thing to do when she's excited and happy is rock her whole body forward and back on repeat and sometimes she gets too excited and gets her face into water (pool) or head butts someone! Like always she is using her voice every chance she gets, especially in the morning she LOVES screaming for fun, and squealing LOUD!! Oh and slapping her hands down on the table or the floor goes along with the screaming! 

On June 30th we got a new little nephew and a new cousin for Via so we are happy we get to make a trip to Ohio later this month for a wedding and to see the new little guy! We love you so much already little Joshua! 

We had a lot of fun doing Olivia's 9 month photos and we were able to do some fun 4th photos as well! See where she went down the slide with Nick for the first time. SO enjoy her cute little face!! 


Kevin + Cayla

Kevin and Cayla finally tied the knot after years and years together and after two kids, buying a house going through all kinds of crazy life has thrown them! And I couldn't be happier to have been the one to photograph their special day! 

Cayla is one of my seven sisters and Kevin is my always sarcastic (now official) brother-in-law and their day was rushed yet beautiful and a lot of fun! 

The day started off great everything was set up and looked beautiful in the barn and we were stoked and also so hot!! haha Getting ready took a little longer than expected and so we weren't able to do a first look but we have beautiful getting ready shots, details and we were able to fit in a few portraits for the newly weds! 

Since they have two kids, Will (age 5) and Ella (age 2) and they were involved in the wedding ceremony it was bound to be an interesting day!! Of course the kids really wanted nothing to do with walking down the aisle or standing beside their parents. Ella cried I think because she was afraid of all the people and didn't have her momma in sight! And Will was on the same page as his sister but of course was kind of expected to help her but ya know..kids. HAHA

So Kevin ended up walking back down the aisle to go get Ella and he held her through half of the ceremony. Will saw that Ella was going up the aisle with Kevin so he began a slight jog behind him so he wasn't left out alone! 

Anyways my father walked my sister down the aisle and she looked gorgeous and dad just looked emotional! ha! But for real everyone looked great and the wedding details were beautiful! 

After the very VERY quick ceremony we rushed through the family formals and got as many people to cooperate as we could and we moved on it quite a hurry to do a few portraits with Kevin and Cayla. 

That part was so fun going out and getting to do these portraits with them, watching Kevin walk to one location stop turn and flap his jacket to get some air! I'm telling you it was hot, and Kevin let me know every time by flapping his jacket open and closed! 

Once we got through portraits we had a couple minutes to chug some water and then off to the reception, where Kevin and Cayla had their first dance as man and wife!! So sweet! 

And then the father daughter dance, which my dad and my sister cried and hugged through the song. While shooting I wasn't too emotional, especially since I had been there almost 6 years ago at my wedding when he cried the entire time! haha 

Watching Kevin and his mom Chris dance was so sweet and I could tell it just warmed and melted Chris' heart to have that moment with her son. 

We got to enjoy some awesome dance moves through out the night and a lot of flossing going on by the people that can actually do it! 

All in all in was a beautiful and fun wedding, and I am so happy for my sister and brother-in-law on their gorgeous day! 




Venue: Belleview Meadows

Invitations: Zazzle.com

Flowers: Joys Petals

Cake: Candace Chapman

Dress: Best Bride Prom & Tux

Sign: Innovative Custom Creations


Olivia~ 8 Months

My baby is 8 months old! I am so incredibly proud to be her mama and get to watch her grow and learn each and every day!! 

Again we have had a busy month, my sister Cayla got married at the end of May so we spent a lot of time running around and putting things together for the wedding. Olivia handled all the shopping trips like a pro and she has been such an amazing baby! 

We have been trying lots of new foods, like green beans, watermelon, cantaloupe, butternut squash, peas and she's been enjoying it all! I really super love getting to keep nursing her and making her fresh vegetables and fruits! Oh and she always looks forward and screams for her oatmeal in the morning. 

Our girl is sitting up all by herself, although I have to lend her a hand if she's lying down. And she loves to use my hands to pull herself up to standing, and has also been doing so in her pac n play (which is why we just lowered it) and in her bassinet, so it's about time to get her a crib! haha 

We have been going to the pool almost everyday and she loves it whether the water is warm or cold she just loves it! We got her a floatie this past week and she has been laying on it and falling asleep even if she had just gotten up from her nap. 

She still has no teeth, which is totally fine with me since we are still nursing, and I hear that it's better the longer it takes for the baby teeth to poke through. We have been working on her naps since the craziness of Cayla's wedding is over, so now we get up, nurse, play, eat oatmeal, and I can put her in her bassinet and she is out like a light! Which gives this mama some time to edit and work on my business and our personal stuff I always have on my to do list! 

Olivia has started to make sounds like mama and dada but me and Nick can't agree or decide whats what, haha! I just love hearing her talk and squawk, she's really been testing those vocal cords the last couple weeks and seeing how long she can make a noise. She's so funny, and you will see below the silly little faces she is always making at us. 

Her new favorite thing to do is to sit in front of her little toy bin and unload all her toys and then pull down the bin on herself and fall over, without fail several times a day. She also tried to escape her highchair the other day, had her little leg up over the sides and was trying to push out!!! She's not crawling yet, but I think we can totally wait on that since she's already a little ninja!  


See her 8 month photos below!! 




Olivia~ 7 Months

Our little girl is 7 months young! 

We have had an eventful last few weeks, as always Olivia is learning so much every day and is giving me the silliest/cutest faces ever! 

I had a very very busy last month working at Block and I can't express how happy I am that the season is over. So I have had about two weeks off from work and it's still been pretty busy! 

Olivia had her 6 month appointment and she weighed 14 pounds, and overall was 20th percentile for height and weight! She's still my little baby, but some days she sure does look big! We started Olivia on solids few weeks ago and we thought she liked avocados but turns out not so much! Haha She does love the oatmeal baby cereal, sweet potatoes,bananas and apples so far! I haven't decided which food she will try next but I have really enjoyed being able to make her food! I have been using a pressure cooker, my mini kitchenaid food processor and an immersion blender to whip up her food and that has worked the best and quickest! Apparently making apple sauce is like really easy and all you need is a pressure cooker and immersion blender, it's so fun for me!! Olivia has been eating really well, and for the most part she is pretty clean while eating! ha

So we survived the end of tax season and have been nursing and pumping the whole time, so thankful! We went on a visit to Ohio this past weekend and that was fun, Olivia got to meet a lot of her family for the first time! She did great on the car ride to and from Ohio she only got cranky when she wanted out of the carseat. She had a little trouble sleeping while we stayed with family since this was a whole new place with new smells and sounds but we made it though! My GG (Olivia's great great grandma) got to meet her and was just so in love with her. She gave Olivia her first little bit of sugar ( like she did with me and all my sisters, cousins and niece and nephews!). GG gave Olivia sweet potatoes and that was kind of messy but hey she was fed! haha Olivia's cousins were just loving all over her and watching her close to see what all she could do! She also got to meet another cousin that is just a few months older than her and that was fun although they seemed liked the other wasn't really there and just did their own thing! It was so great getting to see our family and catching up with some old friends. We look forward to our next trip to Ohio.

Olivia has been rolling all around, literally every way you can roll around on the floor she is doing it! She is also working on sitting up by herself, in her lounger boppy she sits on her own really well so I know it's only a matter of time before she's sitting unassisted. 

Also she has been showing signs on crawling, pushing off with her legs and using her arms even more to pick herself up off the floor. Hopefully we still have a little while before she's completely mobile!

I can't forget about the screaming/talking/noise making, she's just been enjoying her voice so much and it just cracks us up!! 

We are still working on getting her to sleep through the night, she takes great naps during the day but at night she is still waking up once or twice so this is exhausting! I'm nursing her about once a night to try to help her get back to sleep. Just not sure what I need to try to help her to sleep through the night, so any mommas out there send me some help! (We've tried to let her cry it out but it wakes Nick up and that is hard on him when he's got to work) 

This girl has some seriously funny facial expressions, you will see below! I laugh looking at these photos we just took today because it just looks like she's dancing in most of them!

And you will see the ways she likes to contort her little body and move her head around, she's so silly! 

We are still unsure of what her hair color is, looks blonde a lot of the time but then like in her photos in looks red and when she gets upset or something her little eyebrows and nose turns red! Either way I'm just so happy she has these beautiful blue eyes from her daddy!! 

Enjoy her silly 7 month photos below and see how big she has gotten!

Olivia~ 6 Months

My baby is half way to one year old?!!!! 

I am loving all the time and giggles and snuggles I get with Olivia.  Being a mom has been the most rewarding thing in my life. Nick and I are constantly laughing and smiling because of our sweet girl! Olivia has been getting more mobile and more verbal every day. She has been rolling around a ton, she's gotten her head underneath the stretchy cover on the bottom of the pac n play. She's flipped off her boppy while it was on the floor so now we know she is only allowed on the floor! She also keeps pushing herself up the boppy and her head ends up hanging off, the first time she did that she was trying to get a glance of the tv because I faced her towards us and away from the tv. haha We are still waking up to nurse during the night  and she's taking her bottles no problem. We haven't started her on solids yet but they will be coming very soon and I know she is ready for it. We tried to give her a test run on the sippy cup and she figured it out (munchkin brand you have to bite to drink from) but she just doesn't know how to stop herself so she ends up wearing it! ha! 

She is currently grabbing Nick's beard and trying to eat his face so I am thoroughly enjoying it! hahaha We have discovered her love for crinkle books so we are playing with those while she's in her highchair and I'm trying to get things accomplished! 

Right now she is pretty much into most 6 month outfits and sleepers and wearing size 1 diapers, but we will be testing size 2 to see how those fit. Also right now she sounds like she is losing her voice- one probably because she cries and refuses to sleep while I'm at work and two because she screams and squeals for fun most of the day! So we will both be much happier when this tax season is over! 

Oh and she'a loving chewing on her toes or anyone else's arms or hands! She keeps sticking her fingers in her mouth and trying to blow/spit/talk and the concentration on her face while doing this is hilarious!

We are loving her Ingenuity booster seat, we just pick it up and take it where we go and love her chicco snap on high chair for home, so glad I chose these two! 

Olivia goes to her 6 month appointment next week and we will get to see how much she's grown and sadly she will have to get a few shots. :( 

I seriously cannot get over these silly expressions she has, you'll see below!