Olivia's First Birthday Party

I had Olivia’s first birthday planned in my head for a while and it turned out so wonderful, and we were blessed to find such a beautiful space to have it in. (Mayfield Farms and Events, Greer,SC)

I wanted fall EVERYTHING and I think I did a pretty good job of that, pumpkins, leaves, warm colors, and pumpkin pie!!

I think Olivia really loved her birthday party and especially loved her pumpkin pie that she rubbed all over her! Glad we took her clothes off, and then she had a quick sink bath.

Enjoy a few of the pictures I was able to take in between eating, talking to everyone, directing other things, and trying to enjoy our time with our one year old.

Ryan & Rikki

I was able to work with Ryan and Rikki last weekend at the lake, they have been married 3 months so they were really fun and easy to work with! Seriously they made me feel like I had it all covered and going great because the knew just how to walk and laugh and just love each other! They are so sweet and I would love to work with them again! Best wishes to the two of you as you continue to grow and love each other for years to come!

Olivia ~ 12 Months

It’s so hard to say that my baby girl is ONE year old, I remember walking into the hospital super early morning to get induced and taking our last picture as a family of two and then having my water broken at about 830am, eating ice chips, turning from side to side, laying down, sitting up, getting an epidural at 4cm, not feeling my legs, and then finally feeling the pressure to push and baby came quick after a few pushes and the surprise to having a baby girl when almost everyone was saying we were going to have a boy! The best day of our lives getting to see OUR beautiful little baby girl. Nick got to cut your cord, no crying for your first shot, and making mommy and daddy and the nurses in shock as you opened your mouth and latched on and began nursing like you had been doing it forever!! Olivia Reagan you amaze us every single day and we could not be happier to be your parents and get to spend every day watching you grow and loving on you.

Wow, 12 months and we are still nursing, Olivia is just now as of last week getting her first and second teeth. Thankfully she really has been great, she wants to nurse a little more often and has a yucky nose but she’s dealt with teething really well!! She just had her first Massey’s pizza delivered by her Mimi from Ohio, she LOVES eating period. HA! She will try everything,even dog food. (insert eye rolling from me)

Olivia I am sure you will be walking very soon, you are standing up by yourself not pulling on anything to get up, you walk along furniture, walk holding mommy and daddy’s hands. I am so excited for you to walk, so we can walk around the park and explore some new things! I am so proud of you baby girl, learning everyday!

You only weigh 17 pounds, 1 ounce and 70.4 inches long. You had to get four shots at your 12 month doctor visit and a finger prick but you did so well and we got a new book from the doctor!! We had your birthday party before your actual birthday but you loved it, we got some amazing gifts and you had pumpkin pie to smash and you loved it!!

Olivia has been clapping, dancing and doing the indian call all day everyday and it makes her so happy! We have been going to the park and swinging in the baby swing and playing in the grass. She is still in size 2 diapers and wearing some 9 and some 12 month clothes. She has recently tried raisins, masseys pizza, and a cake pop for her birthday.

Enjoy her 12 month photos!!

Our Quick Trip to Charleston, SC

We decided we wanted to go to Charleston, one to take Olivia to the beach for the first time and two Kendall wanted to do her senior pictures down there. So we started making plans and things got messed up along the way, but we ended up leaving around 3 pm on a Thursday and left Charleston around 4pm Friday because we had plans for Saturday we had to be back for. That was the quickest trip I think I’ve ever made, but if you saw Kendall’s senior pictures and Olivia having so much fun on the beach it was worth it!

We got to walk around a little bit Thursday night and we got dinner at this scrumptious restaurant on the water. After wandering around and having dinner we were kind of tired and knew we had to get up early so we headed to the hotel.

We got up around 6am to start getting ready to do senior pictures and Olivia had woken up to nurse around 5ish so she was not interested in actually waking up at 6 something. I had Olivia halfway undressed before she decided to wake up and see what was going on. We were able to make it to the beach in time to get some beautiful morning glow for Kendall’s portraits and we decided it was a good time to get into our swimsuits after I finished shooting.

Olivia of course was loving the sand and you know she had to taste it so that was fun, she got to have a morning snack with Grandma on the beach and see the birds and dogs walking all around. And it was so nice to have such a HUGE space for her to just crawl her little heart out, until she got close to the water of course. She picked up a shell right off the bat so we kept that for her and some sand in a bottle to do something special with. Olivia took a couple small waves in the face, but she absolutely loved the water and the sand, I can’t wait to see how she does when she is walking.

After we played on the beach we headed back to the hotel to shower and change and check out. Kendall took FOREVER picking out her second outfit but finally we got out the door and headed downtown Charleston to Rainbow row where I started shooting again. So we got some really fun shots, and there is just so many places to shoot down there it’s crazy. After I finished shooting we stopped to get lunch at Magnolia (see Kendall’s images, the yellow alley has a sign) and that place was so yumm!! We got to walk around for a bit more after that. Everything is just SO CHARMING down there. I love it so much. We got to see the pineapple fountain too. But we were exhausted by about 4 PM so we were like I think it’s time to get on the road. We still had 3.5 hour drive home. So I realize there is a lot more to see in Charleston and around it but I am just glad we were able to get down there to get senior pictures, take Olivia to the beach, and cross this one thing off my 2018 goals. Yay! It was quick but it was fun!

Enjoy some of my favorite images from our trip!

First cell phone pictures, yes some are blurry because I can’t get this girl to sit still!! haha

Kendall ~ Senior

I may be a little biased, but Kendall is gorgeous and these senior portraits are beautiful! It’s truly hard to believe that Kendall is a senior in high school and making these amazing plans for college and beyond. We made a VERY QUICK trip down to Charleston Septeht -mber 6 and came back the next day. We didn’t realize that we made the trip just in time since just the very next weekend a hurricane was called to hit. It was probably the fastest trip I have ever made, less than 24 hours. But we were able to wake up Friday morning early and some how get ready and get to the beach before the morning glow was gone! You will see how beautiful it was, how soft the light was and how glowy it was. Thankful that we got a few wispy clouds in that gave us a little extra time to shoot on the beach.

One thing we were totally surprised by was that Kendall came to the beach with curly hair she spent time doing that morning and I am not even kidding you five minutes into shooting her hair went flat!! So I will be reaching out to some photographer friends that live at the beach for some tips on what to do with hair. I just didn’t realize or think that maybe the salt air or the humidity or whatever would make her hair go flat so quickly!!

Regardless of the hair fiasco and thankful to the clouds for some softened light we got some really gorgeous images!

After the beach we headed to Rainbow row where we walked up and down the streets searching for little nooks and crannies, fun walls, and pretty alleys. And let me tell you in downtown Charleston there is a lot of pretty, bright, fun places to shoot. We ended up with pretty much perfect weather the whole time we were there, it actually rained for like one whole minute right before we took a break for lunch. It was seriously so fun and so charming getting to shoot Kendall downtown Charleston.

Kendall is really considering going to Charleston Southern University next fall and getting in to the medical field. We are all so incredibly proud of Kendall for doing so well throughout high school despite all the trials she has had with family and just typical high school life. She has really worked hard getting good grades, now in her senior year she is as busy as ever!!

Kendall is taking a few classes to finish out her senior year, one college class, working part-time, and taking clogging with our youngest sister Emma.

I am so proud of you Kendall for pushing yourself and making big plans for your future. I wish you all the success and an incredible time in college wherever that may be!! (But I do hope you go to Charleston so we can come visit often!!) Love you baby sis!

Enjoy some of my favorite images!!

Olivia ~ 11 Months

Olivia Reagan you are eleven months old and I just cannot believe it. Almost an entire year old. And I still feel like pushing and seeing you for the first time was yesterday. 

Our girl has been growing and learning so so much! Nick has taught her how to indian call with her hand and mouth so she's doing that several times a day. We have been working on her asking for more in sign language when we are snacking. Olivia can stand up for like 20 seconds on her own and then she plops her butt on the floor. She is still pulling herself onto everything and walking that way but not yet on her own. This girl has gotten into so much stuff lately, dresser drawers, trash cans, toilet, our dinner plates when they are within reach, anything that is not hers that she could possibly get into she gets into. She also loves pulling on cords and unplugs my computer so much, so if you wonder why it takes forever to write a blog post or to edit there it is. Ha 

Olivia is just getting into 9 month clothes, some of the one piece outfits are baggy on her but the separate pieces fit pretty good. She is still in size 2 diapers, I keep trying size 3 on her just to see and they go up like half her back. She weighs around 16 pounds, and she still has no teeth!! We are still nursing and I am both excited and sad thinking about weening her soon. She is still getting up to nurse a couple times during the night and that has been really hard because I know she is just doing it to soothe and she will be back asleep in minutes. So I am stumped on how to help her help herself to soothe without having to nurse, and not wake up Nick up at the same time.  Although she is still really good about taking her naps, often I've been napping with her first nap of the day because I never feel like I get enough sleep with her waking up during the night. But she soothes herself just fine when it's nap time. :/

I  have been busy getting ready for her birthday party and chasing her around and now we have this gross cold so it's taken me a little longer to get to this blog post up. But wait til you see how we had to take her 11 month photos, I am soo curious how her 12 month photos will go. 

We went to Charleston last week to take Kendall's senior portraits and to take Olivia to the beach for the first time. Olivia loved the beach, she ate some sand so that was to be expected and she caught a couple waves in the face but she loved it. LOVED it. We got up early to go to the beach for sunrise so she got really sleepy while we were playing and I got to snuggle her while she slept in my arms. Sun on my face, salt air, waves running over my feet and my sweet baby in my arms, one of my favorite moments. 

This girl has been wild, and I mean wild, she's yelling for fun and because she's mad on occasion, she's learned to wave good-bye and it's the cutest thing. Her crawling speed has quadrupled in the last month. Oh and lets not forget about the pout/sad face that she has learned to do, it literally shatters my world seeing her make that face. She only makes that face for like 5 seconds and it is so so sad I cannot handle it. Olivia loves to go outside and wait for daddy to get home, but she always ends up pre-occupied with the dirt and mulch that she never pays attention to Nick pulling into the drive way. And she has had her first tasting of dirt and she didn't seem to mind it at all. HA 


All in all we have an incredible, smart, loving, snuggly, happy baby girl and we couldn't be more proud or happy.  We love you Olivia Reagan Bradley, don't grow up to fast. 


Enjoy her 11 month photos! (beach pictures to come later!)




Olivia ~ 10 Months

Double digit months, what?! Our little pumpkin is TEN months old, this is crazy. 

Oh and she has been a little busy body, let me tell you!! Gone are the days of most snuggles because folks she can crawl and she cannot be told no. Alright well she can be told no she just doesn't pay attention to that. HA! So she learned how to crawl a few weeks ago, so she's been getting into and on everything. Because she is also a pro at pulling herself up onto things she is in everything, and I mean everything. Just yesterday I was trying to make a few bill payments and get organized and where do I find this monkey....IN THE TOILET...yes in the toilet!!!!! She's playing and splashing around like it's a grand ole time and I am just like wow and that's totally disgusting and we have to wash her hands and arms which you know of course she gets mad at me for. Oh well, life of a mother huh? 

Like I said getting into and on everything,  trying to climb stairs at my dads then gets upset when she thinks she stuck on the second step. Oh and totally fascinated by the dog food and water bowls so thats a daily struggle letting her have some freedom while also keeping her from the dog food. Me and Nick like to watch our show and eat dinner and we use the ottoman and sometimes she's not in bed when we eat so she stands up with the ottoman and has repeatedly grapped Nicks food and tried to get his drinks. So far she has knocked my water down three times and a cup of cold old coffee down. So we shall see what's next. 

Olivia I have no doubt that she will be walking in just a few months, she's got a really good balance she's tested a few times. she pulls herself up like a pro, her leg muscles just seem really strong, and she has no problem walking around the ottoman to get to the food and drinks we have moved away from her. LOL!

This girl still only weighs about 15 pounds so we are working on beefing her up, so she has started eating yogurt and seems like some days she is eating around the clock. She tried blackbeans the other night and she really likes those! I am waiting on our homemade yogurt to chill in the fridge and then she will be trying that today with some pureed blueberries and strawberries and we are super excited!! (Update, she loves the yogurt and its so healthy!) She is loving whole blueberries too!

We made a trip to Ohio in July and Olivia did a really good job in the car, we had to get her out to stretch and change her diaper a couple times. Oh and don't let me forget, she pooped through her diaper and through her brand new burts bess pj's I had just gotten her before we left on the way up there. Then while we were headed up to Columbus from where the wedding was she pooped again, but MUCH worse. She had on all white shorts we had just gotten her from Old Navy and exploded her diaper down her leg and into her toes and carseat. So that was fun cleaning up in the Bob Evans parking lot with some "I've been there smiles" and "ew what" faces going by. So that was fun. 

She also still really likes unloading my cart that has the breastpump and bottles and burp clothes on it, and I've learned to just let her make the mess and play in it as long as its safe and then when she sleeps I clean and I feel better. HA

Olivia is getting back on track with regular nap times (going to Ohio messed that up a bit) so hopefully she will be back on track with LONG naps here soon. I just have to decide not to take a nap with her because somedays I am so tired! We are still getting up to nurse during the night, so that's probably why I am so tired. 

Me and Nick went out for our anniversary on Saturday and we had extra time before our movie so we stopped into Old Navy, and found some good deals for Olivia, so many cute baby clothes! We got her a pair of little brown moccasins, still a little big because she's so small but I think it will be good for her to get used to the feeling of wearing them. I am excited and also a little nervous for her to be walking, but mostly excited to see her accomplish something so big! Olivia still fits in 6 months clothes and we are just now trying 9 months, and I just realized a little bit ago she has like 2 -9 month sleepers so we will be on the look out for some sleepers very soon!! 

Enjoying some of the fun images we have taken in the last week or so in honor of her turning 10 MONTHS! 




Our little family shoot in Ohio!

Me, Nick and Olivia made a trip to Ohio for Nick's cousins wedding a couple weekends ago and we had a great time! Nick's mom decided that since we would all be together that we should do family portraits and we did! WE had to juggle around some pretty gross weather but we did it, and we literally finished in time and went inside a restaurant and it started to pour so we got pretty lucky! 

I shot everyone and for the whole family shot we struggled a bit (because my tripod is in storage) but we made a suitable stand in for the tripod and I was able to use my canon remote for my camera, so love that! haha 

These pictures include the 3 of us of course, my brother and sister-in-law and their 3 boys, my mother and father-in-law and my other brother-in-law! You will see how cute we all are, or you know the kids!! 

Coordinating outfits was a bit of a challenge for everyone and when I picked Nicks shirt out for him he was like 'no that's not happening' but I won! HA 

So enjoy this adorable family portraits we were able to squeeze into our busy stormy weekend in Ohio! 

These were taken in old Canal Winchester because it's adorable!